The electricity subsidy of just over 17 billion that would go to private households has also been paid to some entrepreneurs, raising concerns that the money would have to be paid back.

The Swedish Social Insurance Agency has from the beginning been well aware that electricity subsidies have been paid to private individuals who also conduct business activities on the same electricity meter, writes Gustav Berg, press spokesperson at the Swedish Social Insurance Agency in an email to TT [Tidningarnas Telegrambyra].

"Those who have a consumer contract are those who have received electricity support paid in February and March and the Swedish Social Insurance Agency does not see that there will be a question of recovery in these situations," writes Gustav Berg.

"Those who are entitled to electricity support – both entrepreneurs and private individuals – have received or will receive it paid out. Now some entrepreneurs have received it at an earlier stage. In cooperation with the Swedish Tax Agency, we will ensure that no one receives double payment".

Members of the Farmers' National Association (LRF) have contacted the organization with questions about the electricity subsidy, which has been paid out by the Swedish Social Insurance Agency, and been advised to wait for instructions from the authorities.

"Those who have received electricity support paid do not need to do anything," writes the Swedish Social Insurance Agency.