On Monday, the Hungarian parliament is expected to approve Finland's NATO application - but Sweden's application is postponed without explanation.

Foreign Minister Tobias Billström says he has been in contact with his Hungarian counterpart Peter Szijjarto to find out why they will not ratify Sweden's application at the same time as Finland's.

- I've asked questions about this. I have made it very clear that we expect to be ratified by them, says Billström in Rapport.

"Assuming he has a basis for it"

Billström has said that he is "completely convinced" that Sweden will be part of NATO at this summer's summit in Vilnius. The statement has provoked reactions from the previous government.

Former Defense Minister Peter Hultqvist questions Billström's cross-security and wonders if that statement is a hope, an assessment or whether the foreign minister has received information that will allow him to withdraw NATO membership in advance.

"We cannot be sure what the outcomes will be and must therefore look at how we act in such a situation," says Peter Hultqvist (S).

Billström: "We are very welcome"

Foreign Minister Billström says that he is confident in saying so because so many NATO countries back Sweden.

"We know that we are very welcome in NATO from these 28 Member States. That is a very clear and unambiguous majority of NATO Member States. As Foreign Minister, I feel very confident in this assumption," Billström said.

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