China News Network, March 3 Comprehensive foreign media reported that on the evening of the 22st local time, a 21.6-magnitude earthquake occurred in northern Afghanistan, and earthquakes were felt in many places in Afghanistan, as well as in parts of neighboring Pakistan and India. So far, the earthquake has caused many deaths and injuries.

Rescuers and people gather at a hospital for earthquake victims in the town of Saidu Sharif, Pakistan, March 3.

The 6.5-magnitude quake occurred 40 kilometers south-southeast of Yurm, a town in Badakhshan province in northeastern Afghanistan, at a depth of 187.6 kilometers, according to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS).

Afghan authorities and aid workers say strong tremors are being felt in Badakhshan province and other parts of the north. In Fazabad, the capital of Badakhshan province, Ashraf Nair, 29, said that the windows of his house had "rattled violently for about a minute" that night, and that "my brothers and sisters ran outside... Our house may have been damaged. ”

CNN quoted Rahimi, a spokesman for Afghanistan's Ministry of Disaster Management, as saying the quake killed at least two people and injured at least eight others in Laghman province in northeastern Afghanistan.

At the same time, the Pakistani capital Islamabad was also strongly felt. CNN said that people felt the continued shaking and the trees also swayed. Some residents reported cracks in the walls of their homes.

Khyber Pashtun Relief Service spokesman Bilal Faiz said at least three people had died in northern Pakistan, including two children. Of these, at least 41 others were injured in Khyber Pashtun province.

Faiz also said that the landslide triggered by the earthquake also blocked roads in the northern Pakistani city of Abbottabad, damaging more than 20 buildings.

In addition, witnesses reported that the shock was also felt in the Indian capitals New Delhi and Srinagar. Local residents recalled seeing his house shaking and neighbors evacuated.

Resident Mohammed Yassin said, "We were sitting at home and saw everything around us shaking. Initially, it wasn't very strong, but when we rushed outside, we saw everyone on the street crying. Images of earthquake devastation in Turkey and Syria are still fresh in our minds. For a moment, we felt like this was the end of our world. ”

It was previously reported that on June 2022, 6, a powerful earthquake struck eastern Afghanistan, killing more than 22,1000 people and injuring nearly 2000,<>.