Chinese President Xi Jinping's visit to Moscow has received great international attention, given the circumstances in which it came and the unprecedented level of cooperation in relations between Moscow and Beijing.

Russian President Vladimir Putin described his country's partnership with China as strategic, announcing that talks with his Chinese counterpart resulted in agreement on a basis for cooperation between the two countries.

In contrast, the United States viewed the visit with great suspicion, as expressed by John Bolton, the former White House national security adviser, warning of what he described as "alliance relations between Russia and China," noting that they represent a real problem for the West regardless of what happens in Ukraine.

In this context, the Russian agency "Sputnik" published a presentation of the military strength of the two countries, citing the American "Global Firepower" website, in reference to the strength they represent at the international level if they unite.

Second and third

Russia has the second most powerful army in the world, while the Chinese army is ranked third in the world in 2023, and the number of soldiers of the two armies together is estimated at 4.4 million.

Together, the two militaries have more than 7400,18 warplanes and about <>,<> tanks.

The Russian and Chinese navies have about 1400,<> naval units, including dozens of nuclear and conventional submarines.

The size of the military power of the Russian army

  • Total number of soldiers: 1.3 million.
  • Warplanes: 4182 aircraft.
  • Tanks: 12,566 tanks.
  • Military vehicles: more than 151,<> vehicles.
  • Self-propelled guns: 6575,<> self-propelled guns.
  • Trailer guns: 4336 cannons.
  • Rocket launchers: 3887 launchers.
  • Marine units: 598 marine units.
  • Defense budget: $82.6 billion.

The size of the military power of the Chinese army

  • Total number of soldiers: 3.1 million.
  • Warplanes: 3284 aircraft.
  • Tanks: 4950 tanks.
  • Military vehicles: more than 174,<> vehicles.
  • Self-propelled guns: 2795,<> self-propelled guns.
  • Trailer guns: 1434 cannons.
  • Rocket launchers: 3145 launchers.
  • Marine units: 730 marine units.
  • Defense budget: $230 billion.