Agents of the Civil Guard of the Tax and Border Section of Bilbao airport, in Loiu, have intervened 38 live giant African snails, belonging to an invasive and highly dangerous species, in the luggage of a passenger from Nigeria, via Paris.

As reported by the sub-delegation of the Government in Vizcaya, the discovery was made on March 9 among the belongings of a woman who carried inside a checked suitcase a sack containing 38 giant African snails, which were alive with an average size of about 10 centimeters each.

In total, 5.3 kilos of snails of the species "achatina fulica", considered one of the worst snail pests worldwide and that can transmit parasites dangerous to human health.

In addition, due to their high voracity, they produce an ecological imbalance in the ecosystems where they are introduced, both for their destructive capacity in crops and for the transmission of plant pathogens.

The agents immediately proceeded to their apprehension and denounced the passenger who transported them for an alleged violation of the law that protects Natural Heritage and Biodiversity.

The proceedings have been referred to the Department of Territorial Planning and Environment of the Basque Government.

Invasive species are one of the main causes of global biodiversity loss, causing millions in losses and posing a threat to people's health.

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