The United States opens the first permanent garrison of American troops in Poland (U. S. Army Garrison Poland, USAG-P). This was reported on the website of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic.

"The Polish garrison of the US Army will become the eighth permanent garrison of the US Armed Forces in Europe and the first permanent garrison of American troops in Poland," the Ministry of Defense of the Republic said.

The launch ceremony of the unit will take place on the afternoon of March 21. It is specified that the new military unit is being created by the decision of US President Joe Biden from 2022. The unit will provide "infrastructure support" to U.S. soldiers in Poland.

"The tasks of the garrison will also include the command and control of the advanced outposts of American troops in Poland," the country's Defense Ministry explained.

USAG-P will be located in Poznan, in the Kościuszko camp (Camp Kościuszko). So from July 2022, the forward command of the 5th Army Corps of the US Army is called. This unit plays a key role in the integration of American forces in the republic and is responsible for their cooperation with the Polish Armed Forces.

Speaking at a press briefing on March 16, us Defense Department spokesman Brigadier General Patrick Ryder said that the new unit in Poland is necessary to improve the effectiveness of management and material support for troops in Europe. According to him, about 13 military personnel and 140 civilian employees will serve in the garrison.

"Established in addition to the existing seven garrisons of the U.S. Army Facilities Operation and Maintenance Authority in Europe, the U.S. Army Garrison in Poland will provide quality support for basic operations, infrastructure, and services to military and civilian personnel," Ryder said.

"It's no longer a rotation"

As RISS expert Sergey Yermakov said in a comment to RT, the appearance of the first permanent garrison of the US Armed Forces can be regarded as the beginning of a new stage in the expansion of the military infrastructure of the United States and NATO in Eastern Europe, that is, near the western borders of the Russian Federation and Belarus. According to the expert, the United States is moving away from the former rotational basis of the military presence in Poland.

"This garrison in Poznań means a stronghold where a sufficiently large military contingent can be deployed in the shortest possible time. Such an object is necessary for the operational equipment of a potential theater of operations. In fact, it will be a military base," Yermakov said.

According to the expert, the tasks of USAG-P will include the preparation of life support systems: army warehouses, equipment maintenance complexes, housing for the accommodation of a large number of military personnel.

  • American paratroopers of the 101st Division at the Recon Clash-22 exercise in Poland
  • © Artur Widak

"It's no longer a rotation. This is a permanent stay with the maintenance of everything necessary for the deployment of troops. The Americans demonstrate that they will not abandon their militaristic plans and will continue to return to the practice of the Cold War," Yermakov said.

A similar point of view is shared by Konstantin Blokhin, a researcher at the Center for Security Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences. In a conversation with RT, he said that after February 24, 2022, the United States began to invest more actively in the development of infrastructure in Europe for the logistics of troops that are already near Russia and Belarus or will be deployed there in the near future.

"The concept of 'garrison' means that there will certainly be American troops in this place on a permanent basis. Another question is what parts the U.S. will deploy. It cannot be ruled out that, acting in the paradigm of the Cold War, Washington will go to the deployment of medium-range and shorter-range missiles, "the expert argues.

It should be noted that Poland under the administration of Donald Trump tried to get the United States to create military bases in the country. Moreover, Warsaw even offered Washington to allocate its own funds in the amount of up to $ 2 billion for the construction of permanent deployment facilities for American troops.

In August 2020, Poland and the United States reached an agreement to expand military cooperation between the two countries. As explained in Warsaw, the document creates a legal basis for the permanent stay of US troops in the country "both in the planned amount and in case of possible future expansion." At that time, according to the Polish authorities, up to 20 thousand American troops could be accommodated in the country.

According to the document, Warsaw undertook to provide the US Army with free of charge for exclusive or joint use of military facilities, including new ones. Also, Poland assumed the costs of providing American servicemen with housing, food and fuel.

As of August 2020, there were 4,5 U.S. troops in the republic. At the same time, at present, an American contingent of about 10 thousand is stationed in Poland.

As experts explained, the most important object of the US military infrastructure in Poland is the base of the forward command of the 5th Army Corps of the US Army, where, in fact, the first permanent garrison of the US Armed Forces will be located.

The Polish Defense Ministry's website said the unit's presence "strengthens the ability of the U.S. and Polish militaries, as well as other allies, to work together to respond effectively and quickly to any hostile action against Poland and other allies in the region."

  • American soldier receives Stryker armored vehicle in the Polish port of Gdynia
  • © Mateusz Slodkowski

"The Polish Armed Forces are working closely with this command of the U.S. Armed Forces in Poland. Within the framework of the command structure, extensive cooperation is carried out, including with the multinational division "North-East", (deployed. - RT) in Elbląg, "the materials of the military department of the republic report.

According to the current information of the Polish Ministry of Defense, in addition to the 5th Army Corps, a combat group of the American armored brigade is stationed in the country. The unit was deployed to Poland in 2017 as part of the so-called European Deterrence Initiative (EDI), which is part of Operation Atlantic Resolve to "contain Russia."

The stay of the brigade is carried out on a rotational basis. Its servicemen participate in exercises and trainings throughout Poland.

As part of atlantic resolve, a U.S. combat aviation brigade was deployed in Powidz in 2017 on a rotational basis. It participates in cargo transport exercises and provides support to air operations during major multinational maneuvers in Europe.

Along with this, to "deter Russia", Poland has a combat support battalion and a multinational unit, the backbone of which consists of more than 800 American soldiers. This formation is designed to interact with the 15th Mechanized Brigade of the Polish Armed Forces.

Another U.S. military facility in Poland is the Redzikowo missile defense base, which was completed last March. Aegis Ashore missile defense systems are located at this facility.

According to Washington, these air defense systems are designed to protect the forces of the United States and European NATO allies from missile strikes. However, according to the Russian side, the Mk 41 launchers used as part of the Aegis Ashore can be used to launch medium-range missiles, including the Tomahawk.

In addition, before the start of the special operation, almost 5,82 troops of the US <>nd Airborne Division were transferred to Poland.

"Anti-Russian outpost in Europe"

According to Konstantin Blokhin, Warsaw warmly supports any expansion of the US military presence on its territory. In close alliance with Washington, the Polish authorities see an opportunity to turn into a major power on the European continent.

"Americans also benefit from such cordiality and hospitality of the Poles. It is convenient for the United States to use Poland as a counterweight to Germany and France. And of course, Poland is very important as an anti-Russian outpost in Europe, "Blokhin argues.

According to the expert's forecast, the US military presence in Poland will only increase, and the republic itself will turn into an extremely militarized state. However, Blokhin doubts that Warsaw or American units are capable of attacking the Kaliningrad region and Belarus.

  • Military personnel of the regional grouping of troops of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus
  • © Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Belarus

In turn, Sergei Yermakov admits that the expansion of the US military infrastructure and Poland's course towards military strengthening should be perceived as preparation for a potential large-scale armed conflict.

"The plans that Warsaw and Washington are nurturing and implementing pose a rather serious threat to the Kaliningrad region and Belarus. This is preparation for a major forward deployment of troops. I am sure that our countries will definitely respond by strengthening their military alliance, deploying air defense systems and strike missile systems," Yermakov summed up.