The police point out Stromanis as one of the more driving forces in the riot in Sveaparken in Örebro during the Easter weekend 2022. Stromanis thinks that stone throwing should be punished, but that the new blue light law has led to unreasonable punishments.

Sentences reduced in Court of Appeal

Stromanis was sentenced to six years in prison, the Court of Appeal later reduced the sentence to five and a half years.

More than 50 people have been charged with complicity in the Easter riots. The Supreme Court recently addressed one of the cases in an indicative decision, in which the sentences were reduced.

Wanted to protest against Koran burning

Rahmads Stromanis, who has converted to Islam, speaks for the first time in Mission Review's series on the Easter riots. He says that the local imam urged him and other Muslims not to go to Paludan's Quran burning but that he himself thought it was important to protest against the burning of a holy scripture.
"I would have agreed if they gave me a year in prison. But six years? My brain can't digest it," he said.

Watch interview with Rahmads Stromanis in the clip above.