Virginie Girod SEASON 2022 - 202305h00, March 21, 2023

Listen to the rest of the story dedicated to Georges Clemenceau by historian Virginie Girod. After having been mayor of the 18th arrondissement of Paris during the Commune and deputy at the beginning of the Belle Époque, he became Minister of the Interior in 1906. His love of justice pushed Clemenceau to tackle another project. Police reform in a crime-ridden France. In 1907, he was about to found the ancestor of the judicial police: the Tiger Brigades! The strict supervision of the demonstrations of the miners of the north earned him to be considered a strikebreaker. He is now credited with the expression of the first "cop" of France. Clemenceau, however, remained a man of the left. But in the name of justice, he promotes order. "Au cœur de l'Histoire" is a Europe 1 Studio production.

Topics covered: Third Republic - Justice - Police - Order - Panama Scandal - Belle Époque - the Commune - Treaty of Versailles

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"At the heart of history" is a Europe 1 Studio podcast.

Writing and presentation: Virginie Girod

- Production: Europe 1 Studio

- Artistic direction: Adèle Humbert and Julien Tharaud

- Director: Clément Ibrahim

- Original music: Julien Tharaud

- Additional music: Julien Tharaud and Sébastien Guidis

- Communication: Kelly Decroix

- Distribution and writing: Romain Vintillas

- Visual: Sidonie Mangin

Clemenceau notes that in 1906 there were more than 100,000 unsolved crimes. Many gangs like those of the drivers of the Drôme terrorize the countryside by robbing farms. If the owners are recalcitrant, they are murdered without qualms. The police, who travel only by bicycle or even on horseback, have no way of attacking these organized gangs. Clemenceau will standardize criminal records and generalize fingerprinting, a considerable step forward in the fight against crime. The historian Virginie Girod traces the commitment of a patriot in love with justice and order. "Au cœur de l'Histoire" is a Europe 1 Studio production.