Moscow, 3 March (Xinhua) --

President of the People's Republic of China and President of the Russian Federation

Joint Statement on the Development Plan for Key Directions of China-Russia Economic Cooperation until 2030

At the invitation of Russian President Vladimir Putin, President Xi Jinping of the People's Republic of China paid a state visit to the Russian Federation from March 2023 to 3, 20. The two heads of state held talks in Moscow, exchanged in-depth views on important issues concerning the development of China-Russia comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination and bilateral practical cooperation in the new era, and agreed to firmly adhere to the principles of mutual respect, equality and mutual benefit, realize the long-term independent development of the two countries, promote the high-quality development of China-Russia economic and trade cooperation, inject new impetus into the comprehensive promotion of bilateral cooperation, maintain the rapid development momentum of trade in goods and services between the two countries, and strive to significantly increase the trade volume between the two countries by 22. It is hereby stated that it is as follows:

The People's Republic of China and the Russian Federation (hereinafter referred to as "the Parties") will carry out bilateral economic cooperation in the following eight key directions:

1. Expand the scale of trade, optimize the structure of trade, and develop e-commerce and other innovative cooperation models. Steadily promote the high-quality development of bilateral investment cooperation, deepen cooperation in the fields of digital economy and green and sustainable development, create a good business environment, and mutually enhance the level of trade and investment facilitation.

Second, vigorously develop an interconnected logistics system. Ensure the convenient two-way movement of goods and personnel between the two countries through rail, road, air, river and sea transportation. In the spirit of mutual benefit, we will release the potential of transit transportation between the two countries, give priority to solving bottlenecks, improve China-Russia border infrastructure, especially the construction of key ports, step by step and in stages, and improve the efficiency of customs clearance and inspection.

3. Enhance the level of financial cooperation. In bilateral trade, investment, loans and other economic and trade exchanges, we will steadily increase the proportion of local currency settlement in line with market demand. Continue to exchange experiences on innovation and modernization in the payments sector. Strengthen financial market cooperation and support cooperation between rating agencies and insurance companies of the two countries within the framework of existing regulatory frameworks.

Fourth, consolidate the all-round energy partnership. Strengthen long-term cooperation in key energy areas, promote the implementation of strategic cooperation projects, expand cooperation forms, strengthen cooperation in energy technology, equipment and other fields, jointly safeguard the energy security of the two countries and the world, and promote global energy transformation.

5. Strengthen coordination and develop long-term mutually beneficial supply cooperation in the fields of metallurgy, fertilizers, chemical products and other bulk commodities and mineral resources on the basis of market-oriented principles. Strengthen mutually beneficial cooperation in the construction of deep processing capacity of resources in the territory of the two countries.

6. Promote exchanges and high-quality cooperation in the field of technology and innovation to ensure the high-level development of technology between the two countries.

7. Promote the quality and upgrading of industrial cooperation. On the basis of aligning with industry standards and technical requirements, create a new industrial chain with the participation of local industrial enterprises of the two countries to enhance added value.

8. Effectively enhance the level of agricultural cooperation and ensure food security between the two countries. Deepen cooperation in agricultural trade in agricultural products, steadily expand mutual access for agricultural products on the basis of ensuring security, and expand investment cooperation in the agricultural sector.

The two sides are also willing to continue to deepen cooperation in the field of humanities and further expand exchanges in education, science and technology, culture, tourism, sports, health and other fields. We will tap the potential of local cooperation and border cooperation between the two countries, improve practical results, and develop mutually beneficial cooperation between China and Russia in the "Northeast-Far East" region.

The Heads of State instruct the Government of the People's Republic of China and the Government of the Russian Federation:

Guided by the above-mentioned key directions, strengthen mutual cooperation, promote cooperation between the two countries, draft relevant plans, and review relevant implementation within the framework of the 28th regular meeting of Chinese and Russian prime ministers.

President of the People's Republic of China President of the Russian Federation

Xi Jinping F. V. Putin

Moscow, 21 March 2023