Lebanese and Israeli media reported on Tuesday that 3 Israeli forces were injured when a landmine exploded in a military vehicle "that was carrying out bulldozing operations" on the border.

Anadolu Agency quoted Al-Manar TV as saying that there were "casualties among the Israeli forces at the borders of the town of Aita al-Shaab (south), due to the explosion of a landmine in the Hummer vehicle during a bulldozing operation in Harj al-Raheb (a military observation point on the Lebanese-Israeli border)."

"One of the soldiers was heard screaming after his leg was amputated by a landmine explosion while carrying out engineering work at the border of the town of Aita al-Shaab and transporting him with a Merkava tank," she said.

The Lebanese channel reported that the Israeli vehicles "withdrew and stopped engineering work at the Aita al-Shaab border after the mine exploded and caused injuries."

"Three wounded – one of whom had his leg amputated – were taken to the site of the military monk," she said, explaining that "the mine that exploded behind the Blue Line is one of the mines previously planted by the enemy."

Dredging process

Al Jazeera's correspondent in Beirut reported that the explosion was not a military operation, but a bulldozing operation carried out by Israeli forces at the border.

The Blue Line was set by the United Nations for the withdrawal of Israeli forces from Lebanon in 2000, and Beirut reserves some of the areas it passes through in light of Tel Aviv's continued occupation of Lebanese territory.

Israel's Channel 12 news announced that "an IDF engineering tool hit a mine as part of an activity on the Lebanese border," without mentioning injuries.

In turn, the Israel Broadcasting Corporation (official) reported that "a vehicle hit an old military mine on the border with Lebanon," adding that "this is not a terrorist incident."