Europe 1 Studio SEASON 2022 - 202305h00, March 21, 2023

This is the album that received the Fauve d'or 2023 (prize for best album) at the Angoulême Festival: "La Couleur des choses" by Swiss director Martin Panchaud, published in September 2022 by Editions Ça et là. A comic that breaks all codes artistically: forget the boxes and bubbles and discover a totally original universe! The story is that of a plump teenager martyred by the young people of his neighborhood and whose life changes overnight... In the new episode of C'BD, the podcast that makes you addicted to comics, Sébastien Bordenave reveals the underside of this confusing and addictive reading!

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C'BD is a Europe 1 Studio podcast

Writing and presentation: Sébastien Bordenave

Producer: Sébastien Guyot

Director: Christophe Daviaud

Broadcast: Eloïse Bertil