It was in September that Ulf Sandberg was stabbed on an open street in Oskarshamn by the now murder-convicted 27-year-old. A 30-year-old man who participated in the assault is sentenced to six years in prison.

"There are only losers in this, the biggest loser is Uffe," sandberg says.

"One obnoxious after another"

Ulf Sandberg died of several stab wounds to the chest and large parts of the process were filmed by the perpetrators themselves.

"The whole trial was like a horror movie, it just emerged one disgusting thing after another during the trial," he says.

Crucial support

Ulf Sandberg was involved in IFK Oskarshamn and was a well-known profile in Oskarshamn. Per Sandberg is also involved in ice hockey, and he believes that this support has been crucial in the healing process after the murder.

"The community and everyone's support has been something that has kept you going," sandberg says.