In recent months, residents of the Stockholm region have woken up to new blasts and shootings every other day.

"We probably have a record number of detainees in Stockholm, more than 470 people are locked up – in this network context, there are almost 300, of which around 70 are in the most prioritized cases," says Niclas Andersson.

"Will not cease from one day to the next"

At the same time, around 70 pistols and revolvers and more than 20 automatic weapons have been seized in recent months. Yet the wave of violence continues.

"This will not stop from one day to the next, there will be trends that go up and down. But in the long term, I think we will have a reduction when we gather our resources as we do now, says Niclas Andersson.

In the clip above, you can hear Niclas Andersson about, among other things, the young age of those who are ready to take their place in the criminal networks.