According to Szijjártó, he asked Borrella to remind representatives of the Ukrainian authorities of the need to respect the rights of national minorities, which are among the fundamental European values.

"I asked the high representative to take measures to ensure that Ukraine respects the rights of the Hungarian national community," TASS quoted him as saying.

He said that in Ukraine, according to the current legislation, 99 Hungarian primary and secondary schools in Transcarpathia could be closed.

Szijjártó added that he made it clear that Hungary's position on the Ukrainian integration process in the EU "will be most determined by whether Ukraine respects the rights of the Hungarian national community and whether it will return to it the rights that it enjoyed before 2015."

Earlier, the State Secretary of the Hungarian Foreign Ministry for Bilateral Relations, Tamas Mentzer, accused MEPs of fomenting the Ukrainian conflict in response to their criticism of Szijjártó for his trip to Minsk.