English rock singer Roger Waters, known for his support for the rights of the Palestinian people, announced his intention to proceed with legal action against the German municipalities of Frankfurt and Munich after the decision to ban him from holding concerts because of his positions and on the grounds of "anti-Semitism".


— Roger Waters (@rogerwaters) March 16, 2023

Waters, the founder of the band that bears his name, tweeted that his lawyers were taking legal action to ensure his concerts in Frankfurt and Munich in May go ahead as planned.

"Under German law, human rights and freedom of expression must prevail for all peoples, which is why I take this position to ensure that I am not prevented by the minority from performing in Frankfurt and Munich," Waters said.

"I am taking this unprecedented step of appealing to the law to protect me from the unconstitutional actions of two authorities that seem to rely on the false accusation that I am anti-Semitic," he said.

The British singer stressed that his stances are against the violations of the Israeli government and are not related to anti-Semitism, and continued, "I am confident that truth and law will prevail, and that these authorities will not succeed in denying any of my basic human rights."

On February 24, the municipality of Frankfurt issued a statement stating that the justice of the peace had approved a request from the city council and the state government of Hesse to cancel the Waters concert scheduled for May 28.

The city's statement said the cancellation was due to "persistently anti-Israel behavior" by the singer, and called Waters "the most notorious anti-Semites" in the world.

He added that Waters' repeated calls for artists to boycott the Israeli occupation, comparing it to the apartheid regime in South Africa, were "forms of anti-Semitism."

In early March, a coalition of German political parties in the Munich City Council submitted a request to cancel the city's Waters concert, scheduled for May 21.

In May 2021, a large number of international musicians and artists, including Roger Waters, signed an open letter calling for a cultural boycott of Israel and support for the Palestinian cause.

A note from Roger.

It’s official ISRAEL is an APARTHEID STATE.

— Roger Waters (@rogerwaters) May 7, 2021

The British singer posted a video on his Twitter account to denounce the violence committed by Israel in Jerusalem, and described the evacuation of Palestinian families as akin to "genocidal practices."