China News Network, March 3 According to an AFP local time report on the 18th, former US President Trump said that he may be "arrested" on the 18st because of suspected payment of "hush money" to adult film actor Stormy Daniels, and called on supporters to "protest".

Infographic: Former US President Trump.

On the 18th local time, Trump quoted the "leaked" news of the Manhattan District Attorney's Office on his social platform "Real Social" and wrote, "The top Republican candidate & former president of the United States will be arrested next Tuesday." Protest, take our country back! ”

The investigation reportedly focused on the fact that Trump paid Daniels $2016,13 in hush money before the <> election vote to prevent Daniels from making his affair with Trump a few years ago.

Prosecutors are currently considering whether to indict Trump in the case. Agence France-Presse said that if the decision is made to prosecute, Trump will become the first former US president to be accused of a crime.

US media previously analyzed that this may subvert the pattern of the 2024 US presidential election, and Trump has now announced his participation in the 2024 election.

According to the US Consumer News and Business Channel (CNBC), Trump's lawyer said on the evening of the 17th that if it is forced to come to the case, Trump will follow normal procedures.

Trump, however, has denied having an affair with Daniels and has denounced the investigation and other criminal investigations he faces as "witch hunting." In a post written in capital letters, Trump called the Manhattan District Attorney's Office "corrupt and highly politicized."