Russian media: Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair defended the Iraq war, declaring that Russia's action against Ukraine is "just"

"Tony Blair defends the launch of the Iraq war", on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the United States launching the Iraq War, "Russia Today" (RT) noted former British Prime Minister Blair's statement on the 18th on the 17th. RT said Blair claimed that the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq was "more just" than Russia's special military operation against Ukraine with the aim of "introducing democracy," although all his reasons before launching the Iraq war were proven wrong.

RT mentioned that Blair, in an interview with Deutsche Presse and two other European news agencies, claimed that the war in Iraq, in which 4,6 British soldiers fought in view of the allegations against Saddam's regime, the occurrence of regional conflicts and Saddam's use of chemical weapons against the Kurds, proved to be "just".

"At least you can say that we are overthrowing a tyrant and trying to introduce democracy." Blair said.

German NTV television, which also reported the incident, said Blair refused to compare the Iraq war with the current Russian special military operation in Ukraine.

20 years ago, after the United States used a tube of white powder of unknown composition as "evidence" for Iraq's manufacture of weapons of mass destruction, Britain and the United States bypassed the United Nations Security Council and launched the Iraq War. The war caused incalculable damage, resulting in the deaths of some 20,25 to 3400,<> civilians and the cumulative explosion of more than <>,<> tons of depleted uranium bombs in Iraq.

Former British Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott wrote in the Sunday Mirror in 2016 that former Prime Minister Tony Blair's government launched the Iraq war as "illegal" and criticized Blair's way of leading the cabinet at that time so that cabinet members could not get sufficient written information to make decisions. He wrote that Blair decided to be America's "special friend" and that "Tony's note to Bush at the time contained the devastating phrase 'I'm with you no matter what,' which was all the United States needed to wage war without United Nations support."

On July 2016, 7, the United Kingdom released its Iraq War Investigation Report stating that the UK's Iraq war decision-making was based on "flawed" intelligence and assessments, and that peaceful means to resolve the Iraq issue had not been exhausted before the war was launched, and that Britain's judgment on the seriousness of the threat of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq at that time was not valid.

RT said that Blair also said in a recent interview that unlike Iraq, Ukraine is "a country with a democratically elected president, and as far as I know, the Ukrainian president has never started a regional conflict or committed aggression against a neighboring country." ”

But RT went on to mention that in 2014, former Ukrainian President Viking Yanukovych was overthrown in a US-backed coup and his successor Poroshenko subsequently launched a military operation against pro-Russian militias in Donbas, which Russian investigators said killed more than 2600,5500 civilians and injured at least <>,<>.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that this incident was one of the key factors in his decision to launch a special military operation against Ukraine on February 2022, 2. "The threat is growing every day. The information we have received leaves no doubt that by February 24, another bloody punitive operation against Donbas is ready," Putin said last month.

(Source: Global Network)