Al-Jazeera correspondent said that sirens sounded in the settlements surrounding Gaza, after a rocket was fired from the Strip towards Israel. The Israeli occupation army confirmed that the shell landed in an open area, while none of the Palestinian factions has yet claimed responsibility for the operation.

The Israeli occupation army announced – in a statement – that sirens were activated in the settlement of Nahal Oz, east of the Gaza Strip, after a rocket launched from Gaza was detected and "fell in an open area inside Israeli territory," according to the statement.

"No interceptor missiles were fired at the missile," he said, without mentioning casualties or other details.

For its part, the Israeli Army Radio reported that the rocket landed in an open area in the Gaza Strip, causing no injuries.

According to the official Israeli broadcaster, the rocket landed in an open area near the fence adjacent to the Nahal Oz area adjacent to the eastern Gaza Strip.

None of the Palestinian factions in the Gaza Strip claimed responsibility for the rocket fire, which came ahead of a five-way meeting in Sharm el-Sheikh on Sunday, which includes representatives of the United States, Egypt and Jordan, as well as the Palestinian Authority and Israel, similar to the meeting held in the Jordanian city of Aqaba on February 26.

The Aqaba meeting ended with the announcement of Palestinian and Israeli understandings to calm tensions, including the cessation of unilateral measures, and another meeting will be held in Sharm el-Sheikh.

The meetings aim to reduce tension in the West Bank, where 89 Palestinians have been killed since the beginning of this year by Israeli bullets.