The Aziz Islamic Charitable Foundation in Britain, in cooperation with the authorities, supervised an initiative to hang Ramadan decorations in Piccadilly Square, one of London's largest squares, with the aim of spreading the joyful Ramadan atmosphere a few days before the holy month.

On Friday, the Aziz Foundation posted on its Twitter account photos of the decorations in Piccadilly Square and commented, "We are proud to sponsor the Beautiful Decorations and Lights of Ramadan initiative in Piccadilly Square, we hope that all friends and family visit the place to celebrate this solidarity initiative for all."

We're proud sponsors of the beautiful Ramadan Lights in Piccadilly Circus✨

We hope everyone visits with friends and family to celebrate this beacon of solidarity for all ☪️

Ramadan Lights is founded by Aisha Desai.

— Aziz Foundation (@AzizFndn) March 17, 2023

Activists circulated on social media platforms scenes documenting the presence of Ramadan decorations in Piccadilly Square.

I love my job so much ✨

Being able to get involved in beautiful projects like this. We also offer Master Scholarships for British Muslims applying for Post Grad study.

Applications are open now, deadline March 31st.

More info:

— Ibrahim (@IbzMo) March 17, 2023

Sheikh Ashiq, imam and preacher of the House of the Nation in London, also posted a video of him reciting verses from the Holy Quran with the caption "Recitation in central London", and in the background appear decorative ropes and lighting.

Reciting in Central London

— Shaykh Ashiq (@ShaykhAshiq) March 17, 2023

Tweeters expressed their happiness to have Zeina Ramadan for the first time of such a striking size in London.

London spirit 🫶 My second fav city (after Istanbul) is ready for Ramadan ✨ #London

— R. İclâl Turan (@iclalturan) March 18, 2023

I want more of this please, I’ll take representation in form of pretty lights in the heart of country all day, errydayyy!

— Zamzam Ibrahim (@ZamzamMCR) March 17, 2023

Professor Wasim Hanif commented: "What an amazing initiative to celebrate all of Britain's diversity.

What an amazing initiative celebrating all the diversity of Britain @AliRacaniere @m_alikaramat @rahab_hashim @sugarydoc @Aaliya_UK @Aaisha_Saqib @SamaraAfzal @ahmedaftab68 @MayorofLondon @salmanWaqar @SouthAsianHF @GaryLineker @ainajkhan

— Prof. Wasim Hanif (@docwas) March 18, 2023