The case of the death of the Muslim activist, Hussein Muftar, sparked grief and controversy on social media platforms in Sweden, where he was found in his cell and died as a result of a heart attack after he was detained on suspicion of "kidnapping" his daughter from the Social Services Home (Al Sosial).

Hussein Muftar, 62, was arrested in early January at Malmö airport, according to the Swedish newspaper Expressen, which quoted the police as suspecting him of trying to smuggle his 11-year-old daughter.

His daughter had been detained in a care home affiliated with the Social Services Department, known as "Al Sosial", in the city of "Poros", on the pretext of her parents' abuse of her, and the traces of the girl disappeared from the care home in mid-December of last year.

The Swedish authorities suspected that the girl's father "kidnapped" her from the care home, where he was spotted in the city of "Poros" on December 16, the same day that the girl disappeared, although he lives in the city of "Begov".

Revoke the arrest warrant

According to the "Expressen" newspaper, during his repeated interrogation, Muftar denied his connection to the disappearance of his child, but the arrest warrant was extended twice without evidence convicting him, before prosecutor Sophia Brengelson revoked the arrest warrant on the sixth of March.

"I decided that there was no reason to keep him in detention, so I lifted the arrest warrant," Brengelsson told the Swedish newspaper. However, Muftar was found dead in his cell after the decision to release him.

The newspaper stated that Muftar was previously accused by "Social" of practicing abuse and violence with his children, and was ordered to pay 10,000 crowns ($955) to his daughter as "compensation for damages."

He had also been detained previously for a period of 80 days, after he had transferred two of his children from the care home, when the police then found the two children with him and returned them again.

Muftar's son's statements

In his interview with "Expressen" newspaper, Hussein Muftar's son, whose name is Ibrahim, said that according to the result of forensic medicine only, his father died as a result of an acute heart attack.

Ibrahim stated that he and his four siblings were previously transferred to social care homes, and that his parents have been under strict social surveillance since 2016, despite his belief that they did not do anything wrong against him and his siblings.

He pointed out that his mother was severely depressed after the death of her sister, and that information reached the social media that the mother threatened her children with a knife and that their father encouraged her to do so.

Ibrahim denied these allegations, saying, "I do not know where they got this information from." He added, "My parents were excellent, and my father never hit us, but he solved all our problems through dialogue."

Campaign against "Social"

Expressen reported that the late Hussein Muftar participated in a campaign that began in late 2021 against "Social" for targeting Muslim children, and the campaign resulted in fueling protests against social services in Stockholm and other regions of the country.

A state of sadness prevailed on social media platforms for the death of Muftar, amid condemnations of the Swedish authorities and accusations of causing his death, while others said that they did not sympathize with him for his activities against social media and expressed their rejection of the presence of Muslims in the country.