The Joint Chiefs of Staff of the South Korean Armed Forces announced at around 16:7 a.m. on the 17th that North Korea had launched a ballistic missile into the Japan Sea.

Government convenes emergency gathering team to gather information

The Government has convened an emergency gathering team consisting of representatives from relevant ministries and agencies to the Prime Minister's Office Countermeasures Office at the Crisis Management Center of the Prime Minister's Office to collect information.

North Korea launches a potential ballistic missile for the sixth time this year

This is the sixth time that North Korea has launched a possible ballistic missile since March 14.

This is also the eighth missile launch, including the strategic cruise missile announced by North Korea.

North Korea's recent launches

North Korea launched
a short-range ballistic missile called a "very large rocket" on New Year's Day.

▼ Last month, one ICBM = intercontinental ballistic missile class "Mars 1 type" was launched on the 18th, and

two "very large rocket artillery" were fired on the 15th.

▼ In addition, it was announced the next day that four strategic cruise missiles "Fasar 1 type" were launched on the 20rd.

▼ And this month, it was announced that six short-range ballistic missiles were launched as "fire attack training" on the 2th, and

two strategic cruise missiles were launched as a launch drill from a submarine on the 23th.

▼ Furthermore, on the 2th, two short-range ballistic missiles were just launched as a training to launch "surface-to-surface tactical ballistic missiles".