Ingeborg Spohn was 96 years old and suffering from dementia when the lawyer Soheil Naderi came to her home in 2021. She was then forced to sign a will in which Soheil Naderi entered himself as the heir to her fortune.  

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Ingeborg is dead 

At the end of January this year, Ingeborg Spohn passed away.

Since then, Karin Lycke, former good man for Ingeborg, together with lawyers has waged a battle to ensure that Ingeborg's money is distributed according to her previous will from 2011.  

According to it, Ingeborg Spohn wants most of her fortune to go to the Red Cross and Doctors Without Borders. 

- Since Ingeborg herself was saved by the white buses during the Second World War, it was her last will.

She was saved by the Red Cross and then she wanted to give back, says Karin Lycke.

Documents from Malmö city archives show that Ingeborg Spohn came to Malmö together with her mother on April 17, 1945. She was then 20 years old and was taken to quarantine in Falsterbo.

Ingeborg Spohn came to Sweden with the white buses at the end of World War II.

Her father was from Sweden and she therefore had a Swedish passport.

Photo: Malmö city archive

In 2021, Ingeborg was affected by her dementia and had forgotten that she had drawn up a will ten years earlier. 

- She had told the home service that she wanted to draw up a will, and for an unclear reason Soheil Naderi is coming to her house, says Karin Lycke.

He made her sign a will in which he listed himself as heir to her fortune. 

The case has been reported to the police, but what the investigation led to is unknown.  

Shortly after Ingeborg's death, an estate agent was appointed to control Ingeborg's fortune until it is determined who should have her money.  

- There is a good chance that Ingeborg's last will will go through, says Karin Lycke. 

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Soheil Naderi tricks elderly dementia clients into signing gift deeds giving away their houses and fortunes to him.

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