Regarding the Omicron strain "XBB.1.5" of the new coronavirus spreading in the United States, the CDC = American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has announced the latest estimate that 85% of newly infected people in the country are infected with this virus. bottom.

This is an estimate of the number of newly infected people in the week ending on the 25th of this month, which is an increase of about 6 points compared to the previous week's 79.2%, and the percentage of infected people has continued to rise since December last year. I'm here.

Among them, in the area including New York State, it accounts for about 98% of new infections, and has almost replaced the previously mainstream "BQ.1" strain.

On the other hand, the CDC released an early analysis that the severity of infection with "XBB.1.5" "appears to be no different" from the "BQ.1" strain.

In addition, the number of newly reported cases, hospitalizations, and deaths in the United States has generally continued to decline since last month.