The job extends over the spring term and the immediate threat of closure is averted.

Eva Lundberg has her first day on Monday, but she has already had time to greet the students.

- I met the students in grades 4-6 and it was a fantastic reception I received.

Many students already know who I am, but it might not be so strange because I got my first temporary teaching position as a 20-year-old here in the village, she says.

"She is our hero"

It was just over a week ago that SVT Norrbotten told that Parkskolan would be closed.

It would have meant that the students would have to be bussed nine miles between "Glommers" and Arvidsjaur, but Eva from Abborrträsk did not agree to that.

- It feels warm to the heart to be able to help, she says.

And there is no doubt that her colleagues welcome her with open arms.

- She is our hero!

I and many people with me were very happy when Eva told me that she wanted to jump in and save the school, says teacher Maria Boström.

Hear Eva Lundberg tell about the emotional meeting with the students and hear the children's reactions!

Ella Kaistamaa goes to Parkskolan in Glommersträsk and she is very happy that the school is being saved.

- Now no one has to move and the business can remain, she says.

Photo: Beatrice Karlsson/SVT