Project manager Janne Carlsson is one of the people involved in setting up Medvinden in Östersund.

He says that the thawing weather of the last few days has affected the ice quality on Storsjön in several ways.

Among other things, so-called double ice has been created because the snow that previously lay on the ice has melted due to the warm weather.

By double ice it is meant that there is a lower and an upper layer of ice with water in between.

This increases the risk of going through the upper ice layer and getting stuck.

- It takes cold around the clock for several days for the water to freeze together and become one with the sub-ice.

So for now, we can't do anything with our machines and we hope that people wait and let Medvinden freeze, says Janne Carlsson.

Ice guards have been formed

In addition to the double ice, ice guards have also formed in the area around Medvinden.

How long you may have to wait cannot be predicted at the moment, says Janne Carlsson.

It was sub-zero on Thursday night, could that have an impact?

- This is not theory but practice.

The ice freezes at the rate it should and it is impossible to say how long it may take.

It all depends on how cold it gets at night, how the cold bites during the day and how the sun affects the ice, says Carlsson.

Inventories are made of the wind and the quality of the ice several times a week.

In the clip below, Janne Carlsson lists three factors that affect the quality of the ice on Medvinden.

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Hear project manager Janne Carlsson explain three factors that are important for the Medvinden long-distance skating rink to be good.

Photo: Camilla Wedfelt/SVT