China News Service, February 13. According to the website of the State Administration for Market Regulation, recently, the State Administration for Market Regulation, together with the Ministry of Education, the National Health Commission, and the Ministry of Public Security, issued the "Notice on Doing a Good Job in School Food Safety in the Spring of 2023" (hereinafter referred to as "" "Notice"), deploy relevant departments in various places to ensure food safety in spring schools.

  The "Notice" requires that we must resolutely implement the "four most stringent" requirements for food safety, tighten and consolidate territorial supervision responsibilities, implement the main responsibility for food safety of off-campus catering units and schools, and urge off-campus catering units and school canteens to be equipped with food safety equipment according to law. Superintendent and Food Safety Officer.

Continue to promote campus food safety protection actions, guide off-campus catering units and school canteens to comprehensively carry out food safety self-inspection before the start of school, and increase the impact of the new crown epidemic on off-campus catering units and school canteens that have suspended meal supply for a long time To prevent and resolve food safety hazards in a timely manner.

  The "Notice" emphasizes that it is necessary to further increase supervision and inspection, strengthen fair and civilized law enforcement, and investigate and deal with violations of food safety laws and regulations in accordance with laws and regulations.

Urge off-campus catering units and school canteens to strictly implement systems such as certificate and ticket collection, purchase inspection, employee health management, and food sample retention, standardize the processing and production process, and strictly control food safety risks.

Instruct schools to set bidding thresholds, implement public bidding for bulk food, focus on designated purchases, strictly implement bidding procedures, and establish and improve mechanisms for the introduction and withdrawal of off-campus catering units.

  The "Notice" pointed out that it is necessary to carry out in-depth anti-food waste work, strengthen the management of food loss reduction in the procurement, storage, processing, distribution and other links, and cultivate students to develop civilized eating habits of thrift and food.

Provide food safety and nutrition and health guidance for schools, popularize the knowledge and skills of foodborne disease prevention and control and balanced diet for students, and advocate the reduction of oil, salt and sugar in students' meals.

Continue to promote the quality and expansion of the "Internet + bright kitchen and bright stove" of off-campus catering units and school canteens, and accelerate the empowerment of smart supervision.

Encourage parent committees to participate in campus food safety management to create a good atmosphere of social co-governance.