China News Agency, Beijing, February 9th: The envoys stationed in China walked into the live broadcast room and carried goods in a "second-time" style.

  Author Xie Yanbing Hao Lingyu

  "This shrimp cracker contains 35% shrimp meat, which is very healthy. It is an official snack recommended by the Ministry of Tourism of Indonesia." Zhou Haoli, Indonesian ambassador to China, dressed in Indonesian national costume, introduced to netizens in detail the papa produced in Indonesia in the live broadcast room. Slap the prawn crackers.

  On the evening of February 8, the 14th "Love Knows No Borders" International Charity Sale was held at the Liangmaqiao Diplomatic Apartment. Diplomatic envoys from many countries in China walked into the live broadcast room and showed their talents in promoting domestic products. "Sky" became the key word.

  Hear his voice before seeing him.

Ambassador Zhou Haoli and his wife, Ai Qianwei, who appeared first, walked from the right side of the stage to the middle of the stage while singing the Indonesian folk song "Ouch Mama" arm in arm.

As soon as the two played, the live broadcast room was filled with Indonesian style.

  Known as the "Land of Thousand Islands", Indonesia is rich in fishery resources and rich in fish and shrimp.

For this charity sale, the ambassador and his wife specially brought the snacks made of shrimp to the live broadcast room.

"The raw materials of this shrimp cracker are very fresh, and the flavors are also diverse, including original flavor, curry chicken flavor, roasted tomato flavor, seaweed flavor and Tom Yum Kung flavor." Ai Qianwei explained.

  "Upload the link!" Zhou Haoli said in Chinese with a smile while tasting the shrimp crackers.

In an instant, the shrimp crackers were sold out, and the live broadcast of the charity sale ushered in a "good start" that night.

  Immediately afterwards, South African Ambassador to China Xie Shengwen brought South African national treasure tea - Rooibos tea.

Xie Shengwen took the teapot and teacups, and slowly poured the freshly brewed Rooibos tea on the spot. The tea soup was rosy and bright, and the faint tea fragrance was lingering.

His skillful movements and wonderful explanations attracted netizens to keep swiping the screen in the message area.

  Xie Shengwen said in an interview with a reporter from China News Agency that although it was his first time to participate in a live broadcast event in China, the enthusiasm of Chinese consumers in the live broadcast room made him not nervous at all.

  2023 marks the 25th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and South Africa. Xie Shengwen said, "China and South Africa have a long history of friendly relations. I hope that through my efforts, more South African companies and high-quality products can enter the Chinese market and enter thousands of households. "

  The Rwandan ambassador to China, James Kimonio, is an "Internet celebrity ambassador". He has repeatedly entered the Chinese e-commerce live broadcast room to "endorse" Rwandan products.

On the same day, the live broadcast "old acquaintance" highlighted the classic best-selling product in Rwanda-Gorilla coffee beans.

  James Kimonio explained that coffee is a pillar industry in Rwanda, and one out of every 30 Rwandans makes a living from growing coffee.

"Gorilla coffee beans are produced in Rwanda at an altitude of 1,700 to 2,000 meters. The climate, soil, high altitude and abundant precipitation there are conducive to the production of high-quality coffee beans." Before he finished his introduction, the coffee beans had been Sold out.

  Ubadullayev, Minister Counselor of the Embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan in China, just entered the live broadcast room, and his fluent Chinese made netizens boil.

Natural wildflower honey, cherry juice drink, Tiger Bandy sandwich hard candy, inflatable natural mineral water... A small cart full of samples of Uzbekistan products in front of him pushed the live broadcast to a climax .

"Quickly upload the link" and "replenish some more goods", netizens commented one after another.

  The diplomatic envoys stationed in China from various countries either patiently explained the product features, or subtly integrated the local food culture into it, or performed programs to show their personal charm, making the three-hour live broadcast climax after another.

  Chargé d'affaires and Minister Counselor of the Spanish Embassy in China Julio Elaiz tasted wine on the spot, passing on the Spanish wine culture to the netizens on the opposite side of the screen;

  Na Tingle, Minister Counselor of the Thai Embassy in China, recommended Mipeng brand sugar produced by the Thai-Chinese joint venture East Asia Sugar Group, implying that the cooperation between Thailand and China will be sweeter;

  Qiao Curtin, Commercial Counselor of the Irish Embassy in China, dressed in a red suit and turned into a pastry chef, demonstrated how to make "Baileys Lava Cake", "St. Patrick's Day Milkshake" and "Baileys Espresso Martini".

  In addition to foreign envoys stationed in China, representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ designated counties—Jiping County and Malipo County in Yunnan Province, and long-term support and cooperation counties—Gaoyang County and Quyang County in Hebei Province also recommended many local specialty products in the live broadcast room : Purely handmade embroidered sachet, camellia seed oil, Zhuang embroidery, Dingci classic work "tea cup with lotus petals"...

  It is understood that nearly 400 kinds of goods and 58,000 items were raised in this live broadcast charity sale.

Netizens can not only snap up many good things from all over the world without leaving home, but also offer a love by the way.

  Since 2009, every "Love Knows No Borders" international charity sale has a public welfare theme.

This year's charity bazaar focuses on helping rural children, and plans to use the proceeds to build and renovate hot bath facilities for nearly 100 primary and secondary schools in Yunnan Province.

  Walking out of the live broadcast room, Ubadullayev affirmed the significance of the live broadcast of the charity bazaar to the reporter many times.

"Poverty is a worldwide problem. One of the key areas of cooperation between Uzbekistan and China is to reduce poverty. The innovative method of live broadcasting with goods may become a beneficial way, which is worth learning from Uzbekistan." He said.