[Global Network Reporter Qi Yue] According to "Russia Today" (RT) reports, Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov accused EU Foreign and Security Policy High Representative Borelli on the 7th, saying that the latter's remarks about Africa could not cover up his " A racist worldview".

RT said that this was Lavrov's response to Borelli's earlier accusation of Russia's "spreading misinformation" in Africa.

  RT mentioned that Borelli said in a speech to EU diplomats earlier on the 7th that Russia is using "information manipulation and interference" as a weapon.

Noting Lavrov's visit to Mali and Eritrea, he also said the two countries were vulnerable to Russia's "spreading lies about who is responsible for the Russia-Ukraine conflict."

  The report also said that the "EU foreign minister" claimed that some African countries did not support the EU's position that Ukraine was fighting for "the values ​​on which we understand the world."

In his view, the current conflict is not just about fighting troops on the battlefield, but also "in the information space, trying to win people's hearts and minds." He added that the European Union is imposing a ban on Russian media for this purpose, It also provides support to "independent" media designated by Moscow as foreign agents.

  When asked about Borelli’s remarks, Lavrov said it showed that Borelli was “a person who cannot hide the racist nature of his worldview,” Lavrov said, “not so long ago, He (Borrell) has publicly stated that Europe is a garden surrounded by jungles, and the jungles are a threat to it, so this garden needs to be careful of the jungles. It speaks volumes about who really has to do with the needs and interests of African countries , and how they are related.”

  "We have nothing to hide and nothing to be ashamed of," Lavrov added. "We have been involved in liberating Africa from colonial yoke from the very beginning. ’. It’s not a sham like (former British prime minister) Boris Johnson recently called the Minsk agreements, but a genuinely historic move that marks the end of colonial rule.”

  Borelli was once embroiled in controversy because of the "European garden theory".

On October 13, 2022, he said in a speech at the European Diplomatic Academy, "Europe is a garden, and most of the rest of the world is a jungle, and the jungle may invade the garden." Racist and colonialist overtones.

  On December 8, 2022, Borelli made another controversial statement saying that those who support Russia in Africa and the Balkans do not know where the Donbass is located, and may not even know who Russian President Vladimir Putin is.

In this regard, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zakharova posted a post on social platforms on the 8th to fight back, "Josep (Borelli), please don't judge others by yourself. The collective decline of the West does not mean that other countries and regions The same is true of the people. Let me remind you that the German foreign minister once believed that the distance between countries can be as far as hundreds of thousands of kilometers.

  (Source: World Wide Web)