“A lot of evidence of the real mobilization situation is published by a huge number of Ukrainians.

There are photos of Ukrainian soldiers who are 15-16 years old,” he said.

McGregor expressed the opinion that none of the US politicians who make "at least some decisions" does not recognize the fact of the "collapse of the Ukrainian regime", since this issue is successfully hushed up.

On February 3, Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of Russia Dmitry Medvedev did not rule out that Ukraine could repeat the fate of the colony, whose economy will be gradually destroyed by Western countries.

In January, Brandon Weichert, a researcher at the Eurasian Research and Analytical Institute, in an article for American Greatness, expressed the opinion that the faith of Kyiv and its Western partners in the ability of the Ukrainian army to “defeat” Russia and “return” Crimea will result in the collapse of Ukraine.