Melanders bygg AB notified its staff on January 24 that the company had been declared bankrupt.

The work for the municipal real estate company Ramunderstaden in Söderköping involved changing the trunk and making new bathrooms.

That the tenants would temporarily be allowed to live in barracks has been known for a long time, but the bankruptcy means that concern is spreading about how long it will last, which Hem och Hyra was the first to tell.

"Very tired of moving"

Seija Hummelgren lives in one of the apartments that is currently being renovated.

She has already experienced a turnaround with residents in barracks.

First, the apartment she lived in on the second floor was renovated.

As she has some difficulty moving, she seized the opportunity to move to an apartment on the ground floor of the neighboring building.

Pretty soon it was time to renovate that house as well.

The fact that it may now take even longer before she can move back is not popular.

- I am very tired of moving and of the uncertainty.

Where will I move next time, asks Seija Hummelgren.

In the clip above, you can hear her and Marika Karlsson about life and uncertainty.