The background to the fact that the food waste from Laholm's municipality ends up being biogas in Ölstykke in Zealand has to do with how the law on public procurement looks like.

- We act on a free market within the EU and we have to take tenders from other countries into account as well, says Daniel Zetreus, waste planner at Laholm Municipality.

More expensive to send to Halmstad

The agreement is valid for four years and can be terminated after two years.

The cost of processing the food waste, including transport, is SEK 850,000, a sum that would have been higher if the waste had instead been sent to Halmstad, a distance that is about a quarter as long as to Ölstykke.

Hallandsposten was the first to report on this news.

In the clip, Daniel Zetreus, the municipality's waste planner, answers how he sees Laholm sending its food waste to Denmark.