China News Agency, San Francisco, February 6th. The "tide of layoffs" in the US technology industry since 2022 has not yet shown signs of stopping. Well-known companies such as Dell have recently announced layoff plans.

  According to data from the website, which tracks the layoffs of technology companies, in 2022, 1,043 technology companies around the world will lay off nearly 160,000 people.

Entering 2023, the rate of layoffs in the technology industry will further increase.

In less than 40 days, the cumulative number of layoffs at 297 technology companies around the world has reached nearly 95,000.

  As the demand for personal computers decreases, on the 6th local time, Dell announced that it will lay off about 6,650 people, accounting for 5% of its global workforce.

The layoffs will bring the company's headcount to its lowest level in at least six years.

  In January this year, many well-known technology companies in the United States announced unprecedented layoff plans.

On January 4, Amazon announced that it would lay off more than 18,000 people, and SAIF also said it planned to lay off about 8,000 people.

On January 18, Microsoft announced the layoff of 10,000 employees.

On January 20, Alphabet, the parent company of Google, announced the layoff of 12,000 employees.

On January 25, IBM announced layoffs of 3,900 people.

On January 31, PayPal announced layoffs of 2,000 people.

  Industry insiders pointed out that, in addition to internal and external reasons such as the “cooling” of the overall US economic situation and executive decision-making mistakes, an important reason for the recent “wave of layoffs” in the country’s technology industry is the over-recruitment of major companies during the COVID-19 epidemic. .

  It is worth noting that some American companies outside the technology industry have also recently joined the "wave of layoffs."

Boeing confirmed on February 6 that it will cut 2,000 jobs this year, the Seattle Times reported.

Among them, the financial department will lay off about 1,500 people, and the human resources department will have about 400 people affected.