• Events The Municipal Police evicts an illegal 'after' party next to the Bernabéu where Froilán was located due to excess capacity

The illegal Azca after party that the Municipal Police of Madrid evicted last Sunday morning due to excess capacity and in which Felipe Juan Froilán, son of the Infanta Elena and grandson of the emeritus king, Juan Carlos I, was also working as couples exchange club

during the evenings of Friday and Saturday with the name of Sublime liberal club


The rest of the week is a hostess called Wet that carries out the activity legally with a sauna license.

Years ago, this venue was the D'Angelo brothel where

Santiago Segura recorded several scenes from the movie Torrente 4


In this space were several

people of extreme right ideology, aluniceros and some businessmen last Sunday,

according to police sources.

None shared a reserved space with Froilán in the


-hours disco session that is called Clandestinno during that early morning time slot.

The evicted venue for bringing together 229 people, when the maximum was 99, has several reserved VIP rooms that

have also been visited a few days ago by First Division footballers who play for teams in the capital

and police officers who come there to their private parties outside of their working hours.

Among many of its VIP clients, this venue has already been baptized as "the putiafter".

"In the afternoon it is a place for couples and at night a putiafter. They come to aluniceros, drug traffickers, footballers... The best of Madrid

", explains one of the regular customers for months at this club.

The Azca venue advertises itself as a place where exclusive parties are held and that access is by invitation only.

In his Instagram account it is indicated to attract customers to his events that

the location is secret, in the Bernabéu area, and that it is "The


of the



It has four VIP rooms with jacuzzi, beds and showers.

Cabins with jacuzzi can be reserved from 1,000 euros, which include hookahs and bottles of champagne throughout the session for a maximum of 10 people.

The rooms with showers cost 800 euros and others reserved 600.

You can also rent high tables for six people for 300 euros with champagne

and other bottles of alcohol and for 250 euros with champagne only.

On his Instagram account, a party with DJ Adriano Sánchez and Chico Sunshine was announced for last Sunday morning and it was indicated again that the location was a mystery.

Entrance to the premises of Orense street number 64 JAVI MARTÍNEZ

The Municipal Police had come on several occasions to file a

report on the premises due to excessive noise.

This Sunday the agents appeared notified by some of the neighbors because of the inconvenience generated by the music of the premises, which

has a license granted as a sauna,

although some Sundays it works as an


-hours between 05:00 and 1:00 p.m.

The agents discovered last Sunday from the door that there were hundreds of young people inside, some of them minors, consuming alcohol, drugs such as


or pink cocaine and smoking hookah.


229 attendees were counted when the maximum capacity allowed in the premises is 99.

In the VIP booths or reserved, authorized for two people, there were between 10 and 20 young people, while 179 alternated in the main room.

The reserved ones only had a door to the interior, which posed a risk of fire when tobacco and hookahs were being consumed.

The agents identified the clients, among whom was Felipe Juan Froilán de Marichalar.

He was with some friends in one of the booths and it was the second time he had gone.

During the action, the agents

seized various doses of narcotic substances and a knife carried by one of the youths.

Finally, the police officers requested the support of the Central Security Units (UCES) to evacuate the premises, which received an inspection report for the following possible infractions: carrying out an activity other than that authorized, presence of minors and excessive capacity.

One of the private rooms with a bed where several people smoked hookahs.EM

The residents of the area assure that

the premises cause discomfort first thing in the morning on Sunday and Saturday.

They say that arguments and fights are frequent and that the goalkeepers must sometimes expel people or prevent others from passing.

Residents also complain about the bad smell left by customers when they urinate in the vicinity and that sweepers come by daily to clean the area due to the dirt that accumulates.

Many years ago, this place was the site of the famous La Dorada seafood restaurant, through which the main political leaders passed through their luxurious wooden cabins.

In 1993, La Dorada presented suspension of payments and closed all its stores.

After La Dorada, it was acquired in 2016 by the owners of D'Angelo Palace Alicante to set up an hostess club.

This group transformed the wooden cabins into Jacuzzi rooms.

The establishment offered

striptease shows every day and drinks for five euros from 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

In this place, Santiago Segura recorded scenes from the movie Torrente 4 and

the owner had several disputes with the actor and director.

A year later, in 2017, the 2,200-square-meter venue was put up for sale.

Part of it was bought by a supermarket chain and another by a company linked to Emilio Carrillo, former owner of the

mythical Hot club in Plaza de Colón,

which was the old Bocaccio room attached to the Wax Museum.

His future is currently unknown after inspection by the Municipal Police.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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