The siege of Laura Borràs is narrowed in her accusation for corruption.

Isaías H., the computer scientist who allegedly took advantage of the public awards of the JxCat leader when he was in charge of the Institution of Catalan Letters (ILC), negotiates an agreement against the clock with the Prosecutor's Office to reduce his sentence, the same of 6 years in prison that Borràs faces, in the trial that will begin this Tuesday in the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC).

Judicial sources indicate that Isaías would accept two years in prison in order not to enter and that since they were made before his first sentence for suspended drug trafficking, he is not forced to comply.

In exchange, Isaías will confess that he agreed with Borràs on the award of 18 contracts, splitting the amounts or simulating that several offers were submitted to the competition.

In this way, the former president of the Parliament would receive a blow to her line of defense based on the fact that the public concessions were correct and that she suffers persecution, political and judicial, for her independence ideas.

The Prosecutor's Office requests six years in prison for Borràs and another six for Isaías for prevarication and falsehood, although the computer scientist was sentenced to five years in prison for drug trafficking after reaching another agreement.

Thus, a new conviction would cause him to immediately enter prison, which is why he seeks a formula to avoid it that involves confessing to the crimes.

"I have a brown one, buff... Man of course, but I with Borràs, with the boss, I bill with the Cooperative, and I bill some trapis over there," Isaías wrote in a message in 2017 that was intercepted by the Mossos d'Esquadra within this investigation for drug trafficking.

Thus began the procedure that ended with Borràs sitting in the dock for allegedly awarding 18 public contracts for services to the Institution of Catalan Letters (ILC), an entity that the JxCat leader presided over between 2013 and 2017. , such as website creation.

For the Public Ministry, Borràs allegedly gave instructions to his collaborator to present "comparsa" budgets and hide that he was the real winner or to simulate that there was competition between different offers.

The contracts were divided illegally and the former president of Parliament allegedly "abuses her functions" and "violates the principles of transparency and public" that govern public contracting.

more and more alone

This possible agreement is accompanied by the Government's decision not to accompany Borràs in the act of support that Junts is preparing on Friday at the gates of the TSJC.

From ERC the possibility of attending had also been rejected since they consider it a trial for "malpractice".

"The Government will not be in this trial. We want to show respect for the presumption of innocence, and we hope that Laura Borràs has a fair trial and with all the guarantees," said the Government spokeswoman.

When it became known that ERC would not accompany her in this act, Borràs assured that it is "sad and disappointing" because they are people who "have suffered this political persecution for another reason" and who now do not "show solidarity".

However, she believes that it is "coherent" because the Republicans have already acted "as a judge" by removing her from the presidency of Parliament in application of article 25.4 of the chamber's regulations, after the opening of her oral trial.

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