China News Agency, Beijing, February 7 (Men Rui, Xu Wenxin, Liu Likun, Jin Xu) On February 6, local time, several strong earthquakes occurred in Turkey, which has caused thousands of deaths in the country so far.

China News Agency reporters connected with overseas Chinese in Turkey, and they described their feelings about the earthquake.

  In Diyarbakir, about 300 kilometers away from the epicenter, Ms. Mai, an overseas Chinese, felt two strong earthquakes.

"The first time was around 4 in the morning. We were all sleeping. My husband woke me up. The house and lights were all shaking. It was scary." Ms. Mai said that after waking up, she and her family took refuge outside. , found that there are people and vehicles along the road.

  "After the earthquake was felt for the second time, everyone ran outside. They were afraid to go back into the building for fear of aftershocks. My family and I stayed in the car for the time being, and the ambulance kept whizzing past us." The lady told a reporter from China News Agency that after the earthquake, the local network and electricity were affected, and there was a significant delay in sending and receiving messages. She could only save the power of her mobile phone as much as possible.

  "It happened to be snowing heavily in the past two days, and the weather was very bad. At present, all supermarkets are basically closed. Fortunately, I just found a store that is open and arranged for my family to have dinner." Ms. Mai said.

  Although Mr. Li, an overseas Chinese living in Istanbul, was not affected by the earthquake due to the distance, he was very worried about his friends in the epicenter area: "I can't reach him by phone, text message, or communication software. It has been several hours. I am very anxious!"

The picture shows on February 6, local time, in Adana, Turkey, rescuers searched and rescued among the rubble.

  Ms. Huang, an overseas Chinese living in Turkey, lives in Antalya, a city in the south-central part of Turkey. She originally planned to go to Gaziantep, which is near the epicenter of the earthquake, last Friday.

"I didn't make the trip because of work. Fortunately, I escaped the earthquake." She said that because Antalya was a certain distance from the epicenter, the earthquake was not obvious, but the relevant city departments had just issued a tsunami warning, and everyone was more vigilant.

  Ms. Huang said: "My boyfriend was in the epicenter area. When the earthquake happened, he and his roommate called each other's names and quickly got under the table to take refuge. After the strong earthquake passed, they hid in the park until dawn, and many people drove away. Go to the school playground to escape the aftershocks."

  After the earthquake, Ms. Huang also made preparations.

"In addition to food, I fully charged my mobile phone, stacked bottles in the corner of the house, and put thick clothes where I can easily reach them."

  "Aftershocks continue. The water in the water cup at home will shake slightly from time to time, and the body will also feel shaking." Guli Ayati, an overseas Chinese, lives in Baldur, Turkey. Because he is far away from the area where the earthquake occurred, he did not feel a strong shock.

  Guli Ayati recalled that the earthquake occurred in the early morning, and he did not feel the shock in his sleep.

After waking up in the morning, watching the earthquake-related news on TV, the mobile phone is full of missed calls and WeChat messages from parents and friends. After the '5.12' Wenchuan Earthquake, I can better understand the ruthlessness and cruelty of the disaster. I hope everyone can survive the difficulty and be safe."

Guli Ayati said.

The picture shows rescuers pulling a survivor from the rubble.

  Facing the earthquake, Guli Ayati prepared household first aid kits, food, water and other materials in case of emergency.

"Because the temperature dropped, I also prepared thicker scarves and hats."

  In the Cappadocia area of ​​Nevsehir, more than 200 kilometers away from the epicenter, Hu Hu, an overseas Chinese, was experiencing aftershocks when he was connecting with reporters, but the shock was very slight.

She said that because the area where she is located is far away from the epicenter, the lives of local residents have not been affected. "The neighbor is shoveling snow and is very calm."

  Hu Hu recalled that when the earthquake struck at 4 o'clock in the morning, he was asleep and did not feel any obvious shock.

During the earthquake at about 13 o'clock, she heard the sound of objects beating in her home, and the objects placed on the table also shook, but the vibration was slight.

She said that after seeing the news about the disaster in the epicenter, she was a little scared, "I am also paying attention to the situation in the epicenter, and I hope everyone is safe."


  (Ms. Mai and Hu Hu are pseudonyms)