On the 8th, Prime Minister Kishida will attend the Budget Committee of the House of Representatives to conduct intensive deliberations.

In addition to the ruling and opposition parties arguing about measures against the declining birthrate, the opposition parties are planning to pursue the Kishida administration's stance on diversity in response to the dismissal of a secretary to the prime minister for discriminatory remarks about same-sex marriage. .

At the House of Representatives Budget Committee, which is deliberating the budget for the new fiscal year, on the 8th, Prime Minister Kishida and related ministers will attend, and intensive deliberations will be held on themes such as security and countermeasures against the declining birthrate.

In this context, the ruling party will confirm the idea of ​​limiting the income of child allowances and reducing the burden of educational expenses, etc., regarding Prime Minister Kishida's aim of "countermeasures for the declining birthrate". I'm going to ask about the need for reinforcement.

In response, the opposition parties, in addition to measures against the declining birthrate, are planning to pursue the administration's stance on diversity following the dismissal of former secretary to the Prime Minister Arai. We are going to take action such as responding to lawmakers' legislation to promote understanding of LGBT people.