Talla Alkurdi (S) reacted strongly to being asked by Martin Siltanen von Bell (SD) whether the governing parties covered a medical conference where the vaccine issue was discussed.

- It was an anti-vaccine propaganda conference and I will never participate in such. We have succeeded in vaccinating the Swedish people against covid-19 and I wish we could vaccinate leading Sweden Democrats against resistance to facts and conspiracy theories, she tells SVT.

Martin Siltanen von Bell (SD) comments on the exchange of words.

- I wanted to get a picture of the Social Democrats' state of knowledge and therefore asked if they had taken part in the many discussions that are constantly held within research in this area.

That the Social Democrats want to throw ugly words at me because of that can be said for them.

The vaccine researcher: Completely unfounded theories

Evidence for the connections that Martin Siltanen von Bell (SD) makes, fewer births and the covid-19 vaccine, is lacking according to Matti Sällberg, professor and vaccine researcher at Karolinska Institutet.

According to him, that the vaccine would be stored in the body and affect fertility are unfounded theories – common in anti-vaccine circles.

- There is no evidence that the vaccine proteins are stored in the body, but they are broken down a short time after they are produced.

Rather, there is evidence in the scientific literature that COVID-19 infection can have a negative impact on, for example, pregnancy.

So being vaccinated protects against this.

In other words, it's rather the other way around, says Matti Sällberg.

Hear the debate about the vaccine in the clip.