American IT giant Google has announced that it will start providing software that interacts with AI, which can create answers in natural sentences to questions, for the general public.

Microsoft is also investing in these latest AI technologies, and development competition is intensifying among major IT companies.

On the 6th, Google announced on its official blog, "Bard," interactive software with AI that allows you to create answers in natural sentences simply by entering questions.

"Bard" means "poet" in Japanese, and according to Google, it is characterized by being able to reflect the latest information on the Internet in the answers.

For example, it is useful for explaining new findings in the field of science in an easy-to-understand manner to children.

General availability is planned for the next few weeks.

Regarding AI interactive software, the use of software called "ChatGPT", which was launched by an American venture company in November last year, is rapidly expanding, and its use is expanding for online shopping product proposals and return procedures. .

Since it has become clear that IT giant Microsoft will invest several billion dollars in this venture company, the American media is said to be a form of competition from Google, and the latest The development competition for AI technology is intensifying.