This is reported by the newspaper Corriere della Sera.

It is noted that the Arabian plate has shifted in the direction of the northeast - southwest in relation to the Anatolian plate.

“The two earthquakes are part of a single seismic sequence that originated at the intersection of four continuously colliding plates,” Doglioni said.

Associate Professor of the Department of Physics at Moscow State University Anna Lyusina did not rule out aftershocks in the earthquake zone in Turkey for about a year and a half.

Head of the Laboratory of Seismic Hazard of the Institute of Physics of the Earth named after O.Yu.

Schmidt of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Alexei Zavyalov, in an interview with Komsomolskaya Pravda radio, said that such a powerful earthquake that occurred on February 6 in southeastern Turkey had not happened for more than 130 years.