China News Service, Beijing, February 7th (Reporter Li Jingze) Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Mao Ning presided over a regular press conference on the 7th.

  A reporter asked: Starting from the 6th, China will resume the outbound group tourism business on a pilot basis.

The tourism departments of many countries expressed their expectation for this, believing that it will inject strong impetus into the domestic tourism industry.

What is the spokesperson's comment?

  Mao Ning: We have noticed that the first batch of Chinese outbound tourist groups arrived in pilot countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, Singapore, Laos, the United Arab Emirates, and Egypt on the 6th.

All countries warmly welcome the arrival of Chinese tourists.

We also hope that relevant countries will provide Chinese tourists with a safe and convenient environment and conditions.

  For the first time in three years, Chinese outbound group tours have pressed the "restart button", which will revive the global tourism market and inject impetus into the recovery of the world economy after the epidemic.

At the 2023 ASEAN Tourism Forum held recently, ASEAN countries generally look forward to the return of Chinese tourists, which will promote the strong recovery of ASEAN tourism.

  Winter is over, and spring can be expected.

With the gradual and orderly resumption of outbound travel, China will continue to strengthen personnel and economic exchanges with countries around the world, injecting more confidence and strength into the recovery of the global economy.