China News Service, February 6th, a comprehensive report. On the 5th local time, the chairman of the parliamentary group of the Ukrainian People's Servant Party, Alahamia, said that Budanov, director of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry's Intelligence Directorate, will succeed Reznikov as the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense. minister.

  The Financial Times reported that the planned change was to move Reznikov to another senior government job, but the lawyer-turned-politician said he would reject the move.

  TASS news agency quoted Alahamiya as saying that Reznikov will be transferred to the Ministry of Strategic Industry.

He said the move was "absolutely logical".

"Reznikov was reassigned within the government to minister of strategic industries to strengthen military-industrial cooperation, which is absolutely justified given his expertise."

  The "Financial Times" stated that if confirmed, this will be the biggest personnel change in the Zelensky government since February 24, 2022.

  But after Alahamia's announcement, Reznikov said he was not keen on taking on the new government job, adding: "This is news to me."

  "I have not spoken to the President of Ukraine about the Ministry of Strategic Industries," Reznikov told the Fakty ICTV television and Internet news service.

  "If I suddenly received this kind of offer from the president of Ukraine ... I would reject it because I don't have the expertise to be ... the minister of strategic industries," he added.