[In the fight against the epidemic, we are united as one 71]

  The beginning of spring has passed, and spring returns to the earth.

At present, the country has gradually entered the busy season of spring agricultural production from south to north.

Under the background of the implementation of "Class B and B Management", how to coordinate the prevention and control of the epidemic and spring plowing production to ensure that both are correct?

  At the press conference of the joint defense and joint control mechanism of the State Council held a few days ago, Mao Dezhi, deputy director of the Rural Cooperation Economic Guidance Department of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and a first-level inspector, said that people mistake the land for a while, and the land misses people for a year, and spring plowing production and farming seasons cannot be delayed. , I can't afford to delay.

In this regard, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs insists on two-handed, early preparation, early deployment, and early implementation.

Judging from the current situation, the foundation of grain and oil production in summer is relatively good, the epidemic situation in rural areas of the country is generally stable, the preparation for spring plowing is progressing in an orderly manner, the growth of winter wheat is better than that of the previous year, and the seedling situation of winter rapeseed is comparable to that of normal years.

At the same time, the total amount of food basket products such as meat, eggs, milk, fruits, vegetables and fish is sufficient, and the supply of agricultural materials is generally sufficient.

  The agricultural production in spring is closely linked, and we cannot relax at all.

Mao Dezhi introduced that in the next step, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs will focus on strengthening the implementation of responsibilities, pay close attention to the implementation of measures, and effectively and orderly promote spring agricultural production.

There are four main aspects:

  The first is to strengthen spring field management and scientific disaster prevention and mitigation.

Continue to carry out the contact of subsidized first-line packages, provincial packages, strengthen technical guidance according to the location and seedlings, and timely prevent disasters such as spring drought, late spring cold, pests and diseases.

At the end of January, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs sent 11 expert groups to key areas to carry out research and guidance on disaster prevention and reduction and spring plowing preparation.

  The second is to compact the responsibility layer by layer to ensure the implementation of the spring sowing area.

Guide the rational arrangement of planting structures in various regions, stabilize the production of rice, wheat, and corn, and expand the sown area of ​​soybeans and oilseeds.

  The third is to strengthen service guarantee and do a good job in spring management and spring plowing.

Strengthen the supply guarantee of agricultural materials, organize cross-regional adjustment and transportation, and smooth distribution.

Strengthen the scheduling of agricultural conditions, provide timely guidance, and provide information services.

Give full play to the role of various agricultural socialization service organizations and help small farmers grow good land.

  The fourth is to implement supporting policies to protect and mobilize production enthusiasm.

Work with relevant departments to continue to implement policies such as minimum purchase price and producer subsidies, mobilize the enthusiasm for agricultural production and operation, promote production and income, and ensure another bumper harvest.

  (Guangming Daily reporter Yang Shu)