• Interview Irene Montero, fan of Sonia and Selena and the black horoscope: "My mother calls me to ask if Pablo and I are still together"

Ione Belarra, Minister of Social Rights and the 2030 Agenda of the Government of Spain, has defended on her Twitter account why last Sunday at the event that United We Can organized to claim the 'law of only yes is yes' she was not wearing a bra.

"Because the obligation to wear a bra is written in the same code of honor as having sex if you went home with him.

No more shaming women, no more violence."

It has done so after Bertrand Ndongo, a Vox adviser,

shared an image in which Belarra appears without the aforementioned item of underwear

together with Irene Montero.

Many have been the comments that Belarra has received showing support and defending his position.

Despite the anecdote in the image, the truth is that both Belarra and Montero showed total unity and rapport that goes beyond politics and in which

the good friendship they maintain is evident.

The social unrest caused by the reduction in sentences that the 'law of only yes is yes' has brought the purple

ministers even more together


"We are willing to reform the law, to accept the conditions that the majority partner of the Government needs, to come out united in the face of this right-wing offensive," said Irene Montero.

And she added:

"There is only one thing we are not going to compromise on: consent is untouched."

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