Ukraine has said that Russian forces may launch a large-scale attack this month, one year after the invasion, but the governor of the eastern region has heightened caution, saying that the timing could be anytime after the middle of this month. I'm here.

The Ukrainian side is of the view that the Russian army, which is currently fighting in Bakhmut, a key point in the east, may launch a large-scale attack this month, which is one year since the invasion.

Among them, the governor of the eastern Luhansk province, Haidai, told local media on the 6th that Russian troops were hiding equipment in forested areas on the front line and that they were refraining from using ammunition for now. He pointed out that it may be preparing for

And he said, "Attacks are expected after the 15th of this month," and he is raising caution that a large-scale attack could occur at any time from the middle of this month.

On the other hand, Russia's Putin administration has claimed that elections will be held in four provinces in eastern and southern Ukraine, which have been unilaterally annexed, in conjunction with the local assembly elections scheduled in various parts of the country in September this year. I'm here.

Regarding this, the British Ministry of Defense said on the 6th, "In Russia, elections are not a democratic choice for voters, but the leadership is likely to develop a theory that will further justify the occupation in new elections." He expressed a sense of caution about the strengthening of the movement toward "Russification".