• Monotony 30 minutes at the door: Piqué's tense wait at Shakira's home

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"What birthday? But what have you had?"

It is one of the phrases that Gerard Piqué (36) addresses to the reporter

in his first appearance together with Clara Chía

(23) answering questions from the press.

After Shakira's song full of darts for the couple, the ex-soccer player and the young woman have never appeared walking hand in hand, smiling and answering the media.

The cameras of

Europa Press

have captured a smiling Clara Chía (before the hesitance of her boyfriend to the reporter) and a mocking Piqué.

"Hello Gerard, Clara I see that you are very well...", the journalist began.

This immediately mentioned the anxiety attack that Piqué's girlfriend would have suffered - according to

El Periódico

collected in

Mamarazzis -

the last week of January.

The journalist did not formulate the question well and said "

Did you

get an anxiety?", to which Piqué jumped: "Did I get an anxiety? Really? Anxiety?

Anxiety is complicated, huh...

", he said, in a hesitant tone.

Immediately, the reporter corrected, "sorry, an anxiety attack."

The couple has continued to walk at a brisk pace.

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And the most controversial moment has arrived: "Clara's birthday is tomorrow...", the reporter told her, since it has been speculated that it could be the day she turns 24. "But what have you taken Uncle?

But what birthday?

It's not tomorrow, I think you're wrong. But it was good to try," Gerard told him.

Clara laughed.

The ex-soccer player has not answered the question in reference to Shakira, about "the parties at home" that the singer would be having and that according to rumors they

would bother

Piqué's parents.

For the first time and laughing,


jumped and answered:


Hey, is it normal?"


Both have continued on their way and have said goodbye to the reporter.

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