According to RT, we are talking about units of the 105th battalion, the mechanized and tank battalions of the 63rd brigade, as well as the 24th separate Aidar assault battalion and the 1st and 2nd mechanized battalions of the 53rd brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The greatest losses in an attempt to organize a counterattack south of the village of Krasnoye (Ivanovskoye) were suffered by the control and artillery reconnaissance battery of the 53rd mechanized brigade, as well as the 1st mechanized battalion of the 3rd assault brigade, formerly known as the 98th Azov-Dnepr battalion in 108th Territorial Defense Brigade.

The Ukrainian military failed to organize a strike 9 km from Bakhmut due to a shortage of heavy equipment, ammunition and the lack of stable communications between units.

After that, they retreated to their original positions and practically lost full control over the section of the Pokrovsk-Konstantinovka highway.

Along this road, the Armed Forces of Ukraine supplied the Artyomovsk garrison from neighboring Konstantinovka and Druzhkovka.

After the failure of the counterattack over the last section of the route accessible to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Russian Armed Forces were able to establish fire control with the help of Orlan-30 drones and Giacint-S guns and special power Pion self-propelled guns of 203 mm caliber.

This greatly complicates the defense of Artyomovsk for Ukrainian forces.

The first supply line of Artyomovsk along the T-0513 highway from Blagodatny to Vasyukovka was lost by the Armed Forces of Ukraine during the battles for Soledar.

A little later, Ukrainian troops lost the ability to safely deliver supplies along the E-40 highway from Artyomovsk to Privolye.

The fire control of the Russian Armed Forces over the third and one of the largest supply channels of Artyomovsk can not only complicate the supply of Ukrainian units, but also prevent the transfer of reinforcements, as well as deprive Ukrainian ground troops of the opportunity to safely leave the city in case of retreat.

After the loss of Soledar, the largest amount of military cargo was transferred along the section of the route between the village of Krasnoye (Ivanovsky), near which the fighting is currently taking place, and neighboring Konstantinovka, and from Artyomovsk along the same road Ukrainian soldiers killed and seriously wounded in battles were transported to the city.

According to reports, Russian forces have entrenched themselves in the north and east of Bakhmut and continue to push the Ukrainian Armed Forces out of their positions.