China News Agency, Bangkok, February 6th (Wang Guoan, Zhao Jingnan) 40 Chinese group tourists who took Spring Airlines flight 9C7419 from Guangzhou arrived at Don Mueang Airport in Bangkok, Thailand at 8:05 a.m. local time on the 6th.

This is the first outbound tour group to arrive in Thailand after China's pilot program to resume outbound group tours.

  Yuthasak, director of the Thailand National Tourism Administration, and Yang Xin, charge d'affaires ad interim of the Chinese embassy in Thailand, attended the welcome ceremony held at the airport.

  Yuthasak said that Thailand is honored to be one of the 20 countries targeted by China's resumption of outbound group tours, and once again welcomes tour groups from China.

Today, we are very pleased to host the first batch of Chinese tourist groups and look forward to the arrival of more groups.

  Yang Xin welcomed the first batch of Chinese tourist group tourists who arrived in Thailand after the pilot resumption of outbound group tours.

He said that China and Thailand have close cooperation in various fields, and the two sides have long been committed to jointly promoting cooperation in the international tourism market.

I hope all tourists will have fun in Thailand, travel in a safe, healthy and civilized way, come happily and come back safely.

  It is understood that the tour group will conduct a 6-day trip in Bangkok, Pattaya and other places, and will visit many tourist attractions in Thailand such as Koh Samet and the Grand Palace.

In addition, there were a number of flights arriving in Thailand from Beijing, Shanghai and other places in China that day.

  Previously, as China made it clear that the outbound group tour business will be resumed on a pilot basis from February 6, Thailand's Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Health Anutin has asked Thailand's health, transportation, tourism and other relevant departments to prepare in advance to welcome the upcoming Chinese tourists Group tour boom.

  According to data from the Thailand National Tourism Administration, as of February 2, Thailand has received nearly 100,000 Chinese tourists this year.

The Bureau expects that the number of Chinese tourists entering Thailand in the first quarter of this year will exceed 300,000.