Sami music, film and talks about important issues were on the schedule during the celebration of Sami People's Day.

The Sami Association in Gothenburg has organized the event, which is attended by people with a Sami background and other interested members of the public.

The double Guldbagge award-winning documentary film "Historjá - stitches from Sápmi" was shown.

In addition to highlighting Sami art and culture, the event has also left room for conversations about issues concerning the Sami.

Climate change heart issue

Levi Karvonen talks about the matters of the heart that are usually discussed during these forums, and many of them are hotly topical.

- In recent years, climate change has been one of the big issues for us.

Then we discuss a lot about the exploitation of Sápmi, the construction of mines and how we should preserve the Sami language and culture.

Among other things, we discuss, bump and wet issues like this.