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On January 22, the director Agustí Villaronga, creator of

Pa Negre

(2010), winner of nine Goya awards, died at the age of 69.

As one of the most outstanding visual portrait artists that Mallorca has produced, on his long journey towards the afterlife he will have settled on Mount Olympus, but...

Where will his partner Javier Pérez Santana (55) head in the Production company Testament?

At the moment, the Catalan producer is still alive and kicking, but according to what happened in the last edition of the Feroz Awards, his destiny points to the underworld.

Pérez Santana was nominated for the documentary Mi vacío y yo, but unfortunately he made headlines for allegedly harassing, insulting and touching the breasts of the actress Jedet (32), who achieved notoriety by giving life to Cristina Ortiz in the series



Apparently, as El Diario de Aragón has published after acceding to the police investigation, at the party after the awards ceremony, the producer insulted and threatened the Catalan interpreter:

"travelo de mierda, you are an envious transvestite, whore , envious transsexual, be careful with me, I'm a gypsy".

After declaring before the Family and Women's Unit (UFAM) of the Aragon Police Headquarters and the chief magistrate of the Zaragoza Investigating Court number 6, the defendant was released with charges.

Who is Javier Perez Santana?

He is a 55-year-old homosexual producer whose name is not popular with the general public and who

has a low profile within the audiovisual and theater sector.

It is known that he worked with Blanca Portillo (59) in the documentary

María conversa

(2016) that reconstructs the creative process of the Madrid actress to address the role of María de Nazareth in the work

El Testamento de María


Two years ago he won the Feroz Arrebato nonfiction award for the documentary



Currently he is also CEO of Mallerich Films Paco Poch.

Jedet in Los FerozEFE

As a result of the incident with Jedet, other voices have appeared that claim to have been victims of the present stalker.

Among them, the directors Marc Ferrer and David Moragas and the multifaceted Bob Pop (52) stand out, who currently collaborates in

Hoy por hoy

on the SER chain where he confessed that

"I was talking to people and he came like three times to try to eat my mouth without my permission

while I dodged him as best I could, but do you know what happens? I never thought that this could be reported."

The writer was precisely at the party where the incident with Jedet occurred.

When LOC has contacted three of the interpreters who have participated in the Pérez Santana productions, they always allege the same thing:

"We do not want to get involved in this matter because, among other things, we were not present that night.

We have nothing more than say".

Out of fear or precaution, no one wants to talk about him, except for the alleged victims mentioned above.

Regarding the behavior of the producer, many people affirmed that the night of the Feroz was somewhat past -drinks or other substances- and that on previous occasions they have also seen something alteradillo.

However, others assure that his behavior has been very correct.

Specifically, in one of the last acts organized by the Academy which, by the way, at the close of this edition,

was preparing an anti-harassment protocol for the gala to be held on February 11 in Seville.

In a few days the details of this plan will be released so that the guild and the guests feel safe.

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