SVT Nyheter Skåne's investigation of the Malmö-based lawyer Soheil Naderi shows how he repeatedly tricks his clients into paying large sums, and then goes up in smoke without doing any work.

He has been reported to the police at least 25 times, but most cases have been dropped.

Cajsa Ernholdt, acting deputy section chief at the police in the southern region, does not want to comment on the individual cases.

- In order to be able to prove that it is a fraud, we must be able to show that the suspect never intended to fulfill the agreement already when it was concluded, and that is difficult, she says.

Moved abroad

Soheil Naderi has stated that he has moved to Iran and some of the cases against him have been dropped citing that he is not expected to return.

For example, a case where a person in Malmö considers himself to have been cheated of SEK 50,000.

Just four days after that case was closed, he tricked a woman in Malmö into paying SEK 100,000.

- If it turns out that a person has not left the country at all, there is an opportunity to open the investigation again, says Cajsa Ernholdt.


Some of the investigations are underway, for example the one about Ingeborg Spohn, an elderly woman with dementia in Stockholm who bequeathed her entire fortune to him.

The case is being handled in Stockholm and according to prosecutor David Brissman Toplak, the investigators at the police are not doing anything, despite repeated reminders.

- Fraud investigators in Stockholm are unfortunately overloaded with reports, he says.

The police in the Stockholm region admit that the situation is strained and write: "In order to deal with the problems as quickly as possible and to be able to work in a race on the cases, there is an action plan which means, among other things, that more people are recruited."

Soheil Naderi did not want to answer SVT's questions, but documents show that he does not believe he did anything criminal.

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Soheil Naderi tricks elderly dementia clients into signing gift deeds giving away their houses and fortunes to him.

In the clip, you see a quick version of SVT Nyheter Skåne's review.

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